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Maha Siyambalava Devalaya of Kebilitta, considered the spiritual sanctuary of God Kataragama, a divine force believed to be endowed with life-changing powers, lies amidst the great jungle in the fourth sector of Yala Wildlife Park.
Кордова (город)
The magnificent building of the Cordoba Cathedral Mosque may at first lead visitors to some confusion. You will need to turn on your imagination so that in the thick twilight of the room you can imagine what the mosque looked like in its original form.
The Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier is located in the historical center of Banska Bystrica, on the square of the Slovak Uprising ...
The history of the Roman Catholic Calvary Church dates back to 1673, when the stolnik and super-leader Theodor Vankovic donated his “jurisprudence” to the Order of the Franciscans in Calvaria for the construction of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross Churc
St. Martin's Church is located in the center of Warsaw, in the Old Town district. The history of the temple began in 1352, in which, on the initiative of Prince Mazovia Zemovit III and his wife Euthymius, with the blessing of Pope Innocent VI, constr