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Fitzroy is a peak with a height of 3 405 meters, located in the Patagonian Andes, in the border region between Argentina and Chile. The mountain has many other names: Cerro Chaltén, which is translated from the language of Tehuelche (Tehuelche) means ...
Built by a dam on the Pallan Oya River, Jayanti Vava near the towering peak of Vandinagala is an idyllic sight in the evening with a few fishing boats scattered here and there and the ever-present elephants gathered for a bath.
Man-made harmony park - Yiheyuan is a palace and park ensemble, which housed one of the most famous summer residences of the Chinese emperors, in connection with which it is also known as the Summer Palace.
The ancient Chinese city of Suzhou is once the favorite resting place of Chinese aristocrats. Once the Chinese rich built palaces here and set up wonderful gardens ...
Южный округ
Almost the entire south of Israel is occupied by the Negev desert - the "cradle of the Jewish people." Rocky mountains and moon craters, Moab mountains and deep canyons ...