Plaza Sur Island
Galapagos Islands, Plaza Sur

Plaza Sur Island - a couple of Plaza Norte, both islands are located off the east coast of Santa Cruz Island, are part of the Galapagos Islands. Plaza Norte Island is closed due to scientific research, tourists visit Plaza Sur Island, the flora, fauna, landscapes and colors of which amaze even the most "saturated" travelers. Ships moor off the north coast of the island, in a canal that separates the south island from the north. Plaza Sur Island has an area of 13 hectares and a height of 25 meters above sea level. Huge cacti of the Opuntia family, Galapagos carpet weed and purslane, changing color depending on the season from saturated green to red and purple, are plants that grow on the rocky soil of the island. The island has the largest sea lion colony in the Galapagos Islands, numbering about 1,000 individuals. Animals are very gullible, but it is forbidden to come close and disturb them. The island is inhabited by marine and land iguanas; as a result of their crossing, a hybrid species appeared. These iguanas are unique and recognizable at first glance, they have a yellow-brown color characteristic of the land iguana, and they got the shape of the head and tail from marine iguanas. Plaza Sur is home to many species of birds. On its steep rocky shores, the Galapagos gull nests, which are called the "gull with the tail of a swallow" for their clawed tail, blue-footed gannets, pelicans, red-billed phaetons (boatswain bird), frigates, petrels - a real paradise for bird watchers. The underwater world off the coast of the island is also rich and diverse. Here you can go snorkeling and diving, but you should go further away from the place chosen by sea lions, as the males are vigilantly patrolling their territory. Walking paths laid around the island allow tourists to see all the beauties of Plaza Sur, get to know its inhabitants and take unique pictures as a keepsake.