Botswana, Kasane

Kasane is a recently abandoned village, which over time has become a popular tourist center: an international airport has even opened here. In Kasan, there is the northern entrance to the Chobe National Park, where huge herds of elephants roam free. Often these animals wander directly into the village. In the surrounding thickets leopards are hiding. Going on a cruise on the Chobe River, you can see hippos, as well as buffalos and elephants grazing on the green island of Sedudu. One of the most picturesque places in the vicinity of Kasane is the rapids on the Chobe River. Here, on the river bank, picnics are often arranged. It is worth visiting this place in order to admire the bright exotic birds - there are a huge number of them. In addition to the traditional safari trips around the Chobe park, Kasane lodges also have unusual fishing safaris. Many streams of fish are found in local streams and channels - from bream to tiger fish. Another favorite tourist attraction is swimming in the water of hot mineral springs near Kasane. The main attraction of the village itself is a giant baobab, in the hollow of which was once a local prison.