Central Kalahari Nature Reserve
Botswana, National parks

Central Kalahari - Botswana's largest nature reserve and one of the largest in the world - until recently, was an absolutely forbidden zone and tourists were not allowed here. Not only representatives of the fauna of the Kalahari desert are protected here, the territory of the reserve is also the home of the ancient nomadic tribe of San Bushman, whose ancestors lived on these lands for almost thirty thousand years. Central Kalahari Nature Reserve was created in 1961, when Botswana was still a protectorate of Great Britain. It was at this time that the question was raised about the survival of the ancient San Bushman tribe, which was everywhere crowded out by the newcomer population, and the reserve became the shelter of this nomad tribe. Now you can go on one of the excursions that masterfully and expertly conducted by the nomads of the San Bushman tribe - they will teach the basic rules of survival in the desert, show its inhabitants and tell a lot of funny stories.