Nata Bird Sanctuary
Botswana, National parks

The Nata Bird Sanctuary is located in Botswana, at the mouth of the Nata River, in the northeastern part of the salt lake Soa, which is part of McGadikgadi, one of the largest salt marshes in the world. The Nata Nature Reserve was created in 1993 on the initiative of the Nata Conservation Committee and the four local communities of Nata, Sepako, Maposa and Manxotae with the aim of preserving the ecosystem of floodplain meadows, lagoons and the Nata River Delta. The protected area covers about 230 square kilometers, on which more than 165 species of birds nest, including white and pink pelicans, bustards, anhinga, ibis, carmine bee, kingfisher, teal, crested coot, screaming eagle, fighting eagle, bird secretary, ducks, geese and many others. After heavy rains, when the Nata River overflows, flooding floodplain meadows, hundreds of thousands of Small flamingos flock here to feast on algae, abundantly found in warm shallow salt lakes. In addition to birds, the reserve is inhabited by antelopes, zebras, bubal, kudu, large swamp goat, gemsbok, jackals, foxes. Ornithologists from all over the world come to observe the birds, and the administration of the reserve has taken steps to develop eco-tourism. Revenues from tourism activities are used to maintain the reserve and educational programs for the local population. A camping site has been equipped for visitors, an observation deck has been built with a beautiful view of Lake Soa. In the administrative building you can buy a guide to the reserve with a list of birds found on its territory.