Shop Beach
Grenada, Grenada island

Beach Magazin Beach is called differently. It is also called Rex Beach, Bis et Rex Grenadines, Aquarium Beach. No matter what you call it, this will not change the fact that it is one of the best of all Grenada beaches. Come to the Beach Shop if you are looking for a quiet beach, but still want to be close to activity and sports. Depending on the day of the week or time of day, you will have a feeling that the store is completely yours. If you are a guest at the Rex Grenadine hotel, then this will probably be your default beach, the hotel has its own corner on this beach. If you are not a guest of this hotel, then expect to share the beach with several guests from this hotel and even fewer locals. At the south end is the Beach Beach Restaurant Aquarium. Aquarium is one of the best Restaurants in Grenada, where you can have a great meal. They also have loads of cocktails and cold Caribbean beers (a local favorite). Just don’t go swimming if you have drunk too many cocktails.

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