Post Office Bay
Galapagos Islands, Floreana (Santa María/Charles)

Post Office Bay is famous for its lava tunnels, saltbush, Darwin cotton, Jerusalem thorn, mesquite, sea lions and seabirds.<br />Post Office Bay literally means Post Office - a wooden post office barrel, a makeshift post office. In ancient times, this mailbox was used by whaling ships and other sailors to maintain relations with their homeland. Leaving letters in a wooden barrel, other sailors returning home took them with them and passed them on to their intended destination. Nowadays, tourists have adopted the tradition and leave postcards in a barrel, which may later be collected by other tourists. It may take weeks, months or years for your letter to reach its recipient, but it is quite possible that your letter will never find its addressee, so we do not recommend sending important matters or urgent messages through this mail.<br />In the Bay Post Office Bay about a few hundred meters behind the barrel is a large lava tube. Lava tubes were created by nature in large lava flows when the outer side of the lava solidified and hardened earlier, while the hot inner one continued to flow, leaving empty tunnels and voids behind. The entrance to the lava tunnels is via stairs.<br />The coastal vegetation can be called a dry tropical forest with low-growing trees and shrubs.<br />It is interesting to watch the Frigates. Frigate birds go crazy when fishermen catch fish or cooks throw away waste. Playfully, they toss the pieces and the frigates, who are aerial acrobats, grab them in the air. Frigates are a kind of air pirates, and when they don’t get free food from fishermen and cooks, they attack other seabirds, taking their prey right in the air. Frigatebirds cannot fish for themselves because their feathers allow water to pass through and they cannot dive.<br />Sunsets at the equator are beautiful, but very fleeting and last only a few minutes, so try not to miss them.