Pinel Island
Saint Martin, Marigot

The charming Pinel Island is a tiny island at the northern end of Saint Martin, 5 minutes from the shores of French Coul de Sac and a few hundred yards from the northern end of the east bay. You just need to see this place where people come to relax! The end of the road to French Coul de Sac passes into a wide sandy area, where there is a wooden dock, parking and a new garage that rents boats. Small ferries are waiting to transport you to the islet for a small fee. Enjoy a wonderful short five-minute ride by water taxi in deep and shallow waters, sunbathe, have a picnic in this tropical paradise! This place is protected from the surf by shallow waters. The water is calm and crystal clear, with beautiful sandy beaches. An ideal place for snorkeling, and also for sunbathing, as this beach remains under the sun until the evening!