Nettle bay
Saint Martin, Marigot

Nettle Bay Beach is a long and flat, usually calm beach, located between Simpson Bay Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea. Nettle Bay Beach has become an active center for water sports, especially for wakeboarding, water skiing and kitesurfing. The entrance to the beach is hidden somewhere behind the hotels. It is best to follow the signs for Ma Tee Beach and Lailas Beach Bar. They provide access to the beach and its amenities. Just 20 years ago, the construction of the La Belle Creole hotel contributed to the tourist development of the bay. Today this hotel is closed, but the bay has turned into a rather active and busy area, with a large number of hotels, resorts, apartment buildings, shops and restaurants. Nettle Bay's attractions are luxurious: you can see the neighboring island of Anguilla, Marigot Bay and its harbor in the north, and the ruins of La Belle Creole along the Poit du Bluff in the south.