Pink Gene Beach
Grenada, Grenada island

Pink Jean Beach got its name from the fashionable British cocktail, which consists of gin and tonic Angostura. This is the English way to make gin. One look at the pinkish sand on Pink Gene Beach and you will see why this beach was named that way. Pink Gene Beach has a peaceful atmosphere and clear, clear waters. A very attractive and fun beach for singles, couples or for the whole family. Pink Gene Beach lies south of the popular Grand Anse Beach and Mourne Rouge Beach. In fact, it is the farthest on the south side of all the popular Grenada Shores. While you share this beach with other guests from neighboring hotels, you will not find that there are many locals. Before you get to Pink Jean Beach, on the way you will find many restaurants where there is a good selection of cocktails, excellent cuisine, and a Sunday barbecue.

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