Velikoye village
Russia, Velikoe selo (Gavrilov-Yamskiy r-n)

Velikoye village is located 40 km from Yaroslavl. This is one of the oldest settlements in the Yaroslavl region, in one of the church annals it was mentioned that in 1392 a battle between Russian soldiers and the Mongol-Tatars took place near the village. You will visit the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin - a monument to the victory of Russian troops in the Battle of Poltava, a mansion belonging to the linen king of the Russian Empire, merchant Lokalov (architect Shekhtel), with a marble staircase, a blue hall, an oak cabinet and an amazingly beautiful room - a grotto.<br />More a town with such an unusual name "Gavrilov Yam" awaits you. You will visit the coachman Gavrila and his wife Dunyasha at the Coachman Museum. Guests are greeted warmly and provocatively by the driver, they are offered to taste rich dishes with hot drinks.<br />You will ride a Russian sleigh. you can make a doll-amulet with your own hands.<br />You can have lunch at the cafe "Visiting the Coachman" with a traditional Russian meal.

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