Royal House Museum in Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo

In the Colonial part of Santo Domingo is a museum of the Royal houses. It was created in 1511 at the initiative of King Ferdinand II of Aragon.
The decision to open the museum with the king arose due to the desire to place government departments in his building. The complex consists of two buildings. During the colonial period, the museum housed the Royal Court. He became the first court in the New World. Also, the building served as the residence of the governor. The complex was visited by Louis Ferrand and Bartolomeo Columbus.
The museum is considered one of the best in the Dominican Republic. It is located in a magnificent Renaissance mansion of the 16th century. Its exposition is dedicated to African slaves, Taino Indians and Columbus voyages. You can also see a large collection of weapons of the dictator Trujillo, items of the colonial period, an ancient pharmacy and other artifacts.
The building received the name “Museum of the Royal Houses” after the Spanish King Juan Carlos I visited this place in 1976.