Museum A.S. Pushkin in Bernovo
Russia, Bernovo derevnya

The Tver village of Bernovo is the center of the Pushkin ring of the Upper Volga. Literary Museum A.S. Pushkin in Bernovo 30 years. The museum is housed in a memorial building - the house of the Wulfs. Regular and landscape parks have been preserved in the estate, in the village there is a 17th-century church, next to the Wulfov family cemetery. In the years 1828-1833, Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin repeatedly visited here. Relatives of the Wulfs loved to be in Bernov: the Muravyovs, Bakunin, Poltoratsky, Ponafidins, Vrevsky, Velyashevs. For four years, Anna Kern was brought up here. Half a century later, Levitan rested and worked in these places. The museum exposition tells about Pushkin in the Staritsky estates of the Wulfs: Raspberries, Bernov, Kurovo-Pokrovsky. It is based on materials about the works created here, about old friends and acquaintances of the poet. Of interest is furniture, silverware, personal belongings of the owners of these estates. A special place is given to the memoirs of Pushkin's contemporaries - Wulfam, Ponafidin. Of interest are letters from here to friends and wife.

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Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God in Bernovo
Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God in Bernovo
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