Pointe du Bou Beach
Martinique, Les Trois-Ilets

Pointe du Boux beach is located on the beautiful island of Le Trois on the west coast of the island of Martinique. Getting from the airport to Pointe de Bou Martinique is quick and easy, the distance between them is only thirteen miles. Arriving at Pointe de Boux, the trip to Fort de France is also convenient, just seven miles separates these 2 places from each other. If you plan to visit Pointe du Bo Beach, but stay somewhere nearby, the best choice is to take a taxi. There are many taxis around the island, and you can easily afford it due to the relatively low price for their services. Pointe du Bou taxis tend to be more expensive only early in the morning and late in the evening. Although Pointe du Bou is often called too boring for tourists, it offers many opportunities for festive fun. Essentially, a trip to Pointe du Boux will give you access to the beach, marina, some shopping and a delicious lunch. The area of Pointe du Bou Beach is not large, but has a good selection of tourist amenities.