Giftun Island
Egypt, Hurghada

Giftun Island is a sandy island in the Red Sea, next to the popular Egyptian resort of Hurghada, with lots of beautiful beaches of fine white sand. Travel companies offer tourists boat and yacht excursions with lunch on board to Giftun Island, around which there are three rows of coral reefs where you can snorkel. The island can be safely called a paradise for divers. A variety of marine animals live here: moray eels, cuttlefish, stingrays, dolphins and other exotic marine life. In sea waters, a huge variety of fish is found. In the vicinity of the island there are quite dangerous marine inhabitants. Here you can find barracudas, whale and long-winged sharks. Also in the area of the island there are a large number of underwater caves. The island is sandy and practically devoid of vegetation, the sea wind is walking with might and main here, which raises the sand and carries it at high speed not high above the island's surface. The temperature of sea water near the island is much higher than near Hurghada itself. The views are the most beautiful: the turquoise sea, blue sky and yellow sands. Giftun Island is a protected national water park. On the island there is not a single house or village, there are only small shops with fruits and drinks, cafes and hotels.