Scilly Kay Island
Anguilla, Anguilla island

Scilly Cay Island is a tiny coral island located on the eastern tip of Anguilla Island, in the middle of a small bay off the coast of the fishing village of Island Harbor. Silli Kay is a private island owned by a married couple Sandra and Eudoxy Wallace, who opened a restaurant on the island and quickly gained immense popularity among tourists visiting Anguilla. The fame of the excellent cuisine of the restaurant on the island of Scilly Kay attracts many visitors to the island. The restaurant's menu includes grilled (no electricity on the island) fresh lobsters, fish, crayfish and chicken, soft drinks and the famous punch Rhum Punch. At Silli Kay you can not only enjoy deliciously prepared seafood, but also listen to real Caribbean music performed by local musicians, do snorkeling, take a walk around the island or simply soak up the beach.