Taigan Safari Park
Republic of Crimea, Belogorsk Raion

Until now, to see the lions in the wild and still be safe, you could go to Africa on the so-called safari. Now it has become possible in the Crimea. Taigan Safari Park is one of a kind throughout Europe.
The territory where the safari park is located was not chosen by chance: the steppe landscape is most suitable for lions and for creating an African environment close to reality. In addition, in the central Crimea, it has long been planned to create routes attractive for tourists.
In the safari park, tourists have the opportunity to observe the habits and habits of wild animals, to see how lion cubs frolic and how adult males divide the territory. On the territory of about 30 hectares there are several prides of lions, with a total number of 58 individuals, including white lions. For visitors, the kings of animals are absolutely safe, since the routes are laid along specially equipped bridges, the total length of which exceeds one kilometer.
A safari park is not only an opportunity to get to know the most formidable predators of our planet, it is a whole range of entertainments that includes a mini-zoo, cafe, hotel. About 26 species of animals are waiting for tourists in a small zoo, including leopards, Amur tigers, primates, camels, yaks, bears, giraffes, birds, llamas, and different types of antelopes.
The safari park was created as a weekend park where people can come for the whole day to walk, relax, get a good mood and an unforgettable experience.
According to Anatoly Mogilev, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the ARC, the safari park will soon become a competitor to Yalta and break the prevailing stereotype that Crimea is Yalta. A magnificent park of lions will surely attract tourists to the steppe part of Crimea and will become one of the most favorite sights of the peninsula.