Motol Museum of Folk Art
Belarus, Motol

Motol Museum of Folk Art was opened in 1995. The museum consists of two buildings, the total demonstration area of the halls of which is 870 m2. The museum building was designed by the estate of the former local landowner Jurgenson. It offers visitors - 8 exhibition halls: history, agriculture, flax processing, crafts, weaving, clothing, ceremonies, folk traditions, an exhibition hall. The museum fund has over 27,000 exhibits. The guests will remember the animation programs of the folklore and ethnographic theater “Motalskiya Susedzi”, the rite “Vyselny Karavay”, and the dishes of folk Motol cuisine offered at the tasting table “Motalskiya susmzі” amaze with a peculiar taste. The Motol Museum is unique to those presented here: the only photo exposure of the first photographer Alexei Minyuk in the whole post-Soviet space; the richest collection of weaving; a variety of drawings on glass, written 40 - 60 years ago; exposure of rare icons. The museum staff collected a rich library of household, ritual, holiday, calendar songs. For many years of creative activity, popularization of folk art and traditional crafts, the museum was awarded a 1st degree diploma in the nomination “For the best tourist attraction” of the “Know Belarus” tourism competition, a diploma and a special prize of the President of the Republic of Belarus in the field of museum business. The museum annually holds a cultural event "Weekend at the Museum" with the concert program "Rings of Guks" according to the calendar cycle. This is one of the most interesting ceremonial events, including tastings, songs and traditional dances.