Stegastein Observation Deck
Norway, Aurland

The Stegastein Observation Deck is 8 km from the village of Aurlandsvangen, on a mountainous road between Aurland and Lerdal. It is built at an altitude of 650 meters and offers an impressive view of the Aurland Fjord. The site was opened in 2006. Its design was carried out by architects Tomi Wilhemsen and Tod Sounders. The Stegastein site was completed in the form of an unfinished bridge that protrudes over the abyss for several tens of meters. In this case, at the end of it, at first glance, there are no fences. The construction is made of wood, glued beams and steel. It has a width of 4 meters and a length of 30 meters. There are toilets nearby. Parking is available.