Anatoly Island
Venezuela, Canaima National Park

Isla Anatoly is the name of a Venezuelan island in the Canaima National Park. Administratively, it is part of the municipality of Gran Sabana in the state of Bolivar. It is a lush jungle island located between the Canaima Lagoon and the Carrao River, between the El Sapo and El Hacha waterfalls. As such, it is a well-known tourist destination as it is home to Camp Thomas Bernal, named after the man who founded it in 1983. In addition, since it is part of a national park, its territory is protected. To the north of the island, on the mainland, is Puerto Hucaima and the airstrip.

Anatoly Island is one of the most visited tourist destinations for waterfalls in Canaima National Park, whose jungle and dense vegetation are described as unforgettable by locals and tourists who begin their journey to the tributaries here as unforgettable.

This islet is located in the western sector of the Canaima National Park, Bolivar State, a protected area managed by the Institute of National Parks (Inparques), a unit attached to the Ministry of People's Power for Ecosocialism and Water Resources (Minea). It is located between the Canaima Lagoon and the Carrao River, between the El Sapo and Hacha waterfalls.

Anatoly Island is surrounded by a beach and lush vegetation of deciduous trees. The sand is very soft due to the presence of quartz. From here you can see Canaima's most famous waterfalls, such as El Sapo, Hacha, Vadayma, Golondrina and Ucaima. It is also the starting point for expeditions to the spectacular Kerepakupai Vienna, known worldwide as Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world, making it very popular as a tourist destination.

North of The island is Puerto Ucaima, from where you can take curiares, small local boats, or board another ship and live an unprecedented experience, passing behind the incredible curtains of water that form the waterfalls. There is also an airstrip and campgrounds where visitors can stay and enjoy all the wonders this part of the national park has to offer.

To get to the island , the traveler must travel by air to the Canaima lagoon, from where boats depart that will take him to an islet located on the Carrão River, bordering Auyantepuy, where the sacred waters falling from Salto Angel are collected and before draining their waters into the lagoon, it divides on several branches.

Anatoly Island is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country due to its location on the route to Salto Angel and also due to its pristine natural beauty.