Kobulet Museum of Local Lore
Georgia, Kobuleti

The Museum of Local Lore in Kobuleti was opened recently, in 2012, thanks to the efforts of several enthusiasts. It is located in the building of the former cinema and represents one large exhibition hall. The main exhibits of the museum are archaeological finds from the vicinity of Kobuleti, belonging to different eras, and all kinds of peasant household items - clothes, dishes, weapons, tools and even furniture. The latter do not just lie on the window - they are part of the reconstruction of the village three-room hut and workshop. The museum also presents ebony works by the local sculptor Vazha Verulidze.
Unfortunately, the inscriptions for the exhibits are only in Georgian, and only in some places the names of the eras are duplicated in English. But this shortcoming will be more than paid for by the Russian-speaking guide Rezo (who is also the director of the museum), who will tell much more than laconic tablets.
In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum also has temporary exhibitions. For example, a photo exhibition of ancient manuscripts and various ancient written documents, on which you can find out interesting facts. For example, that writing in the Kobulet region used to be owned mainly by women, since they had time to learn writing, while men were busy with wars.
At the entrance to the exhibition hall there are several stands with route maps of Adjara, a model of the Peter fortress and an old hive, consisting of two parts. Such a hive is easy to open to remove the honeycomb. At the end on one side there are openings for bees. In total, the museum features about 3,500 exhibits.
The museum is liked by some visitors, which is even dedicated to poetry (author punctuation and spelling preserved):
Museum of Local Lore. Kobuleti (author Sofia Yuzefpolskaya-Tsilosani)
In the former blue hall,
in the museum of local lore
BC Christ
thousands of years lie, not believing
that she died, not loving,
this ancient land.
Portraits hang on the wall:
unrelated poets
to an amphora in miniature,
like an Egyptian bill
direct a strange look.
And one looks like Marx,
and the other on Moses,
but about this wet paint
that the window draws light
what is blue in the window -
they don’t know anything in the world
They don’t know anything, right,
where painting works.
All this is completely wrong
what Degas draws with chalk
what Monet saw at sea
in mother of pearl - Renoir.
Here, where is the urn of Soviet culture,
here in kursalnom min-a-tur
cities where physical education
raves the whole coastal board.
States where you go to the bistro
plaster memory in obelisks,
like in the fragments of basil-suits
paints - solar plant.
In the heights - in them dries pillows
population per capita
the sea - from a mirror puddle
in angelic armor, like Lot.
And over him a flock of captivity
stars roam, steam bleats.
This is paradise - take a word.
I'm ready for anything with you:
in the museum of local lore,
like the bottom of your empires
six centuries ago wander.
Ginger terrible peri here
heals pitching, it smells like a beast,
and dashing berendey
drown Georgia, and hop
the head, like the sea, is singing.
Lazarus sky in sun watering can
night sculpts us in lapis lazuli.

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