Polinka Cable Car
Poland, Wroclaw

Polinka is the cable car of Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Launched on October 1, 2013, it connects the Main University Campus with the Na Grobli Campus located on the other side of the river Odra.
Currently, there are two carriages running over the river Odra. It takes its passengers less than three minutes to get from one bank to the other. In an hour, the cable car carries up to 370 passengers in each direction. The carriage has enough room for up to 15 people (10 seats and 5 standing places).
Polinka was built with students, doctoral students, and staff of Wrocław University of Science and Technology in mind, but it very quickly became one of Wrocław’s tourist attractions.
The name of the railway was chosen in 2013 in a student competition, which was won by Grzegorz Pac, a then student of mechatronics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
The 12 million PLN cable car, along with its two stations - one on the Wyspiański quay and the other in Na Grobli street - was built by a consortium of Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH and Doppelmayr Polska Sp. z o.o.

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