Cape Kaliakra
Bulgaria, Kaliakra

Cape Kaliakra, whose name translates as "Beautiful Cape", crashing two kilometers into the sea, is one of the most captivating corners of the Bulgarian coast. The reason for this name was the rocky shores of an amazing golden-purple color, the height of which reaches 70 meters. The cape is famous for its caves, in one of them there is a museum that preserves historical values from the III century BC. to the 17th century AD Cape Kaliakra is known as a ship graveyard. Here, sharp waves are constantly observed during storms. The first person to encounter natural disasters was the famous general Lysimachus.
In one of the caves there is a museum dedicated to Admiral Ushakov. In 1791, he defeated the Turkish fleet here. Near the cape, tourists can see the stele dedicated to him. A sunken Turkish ship is stored right here, which the Bulgarians launched to the bottom in 1912.
Rumor has it that once a very long time ago dolphins were seen at the cape, however, not a single tourist from the 80s of the 20th century has ever managed to see them. Here you can see the ruins of the fortifications built in the IV century BC. and expanded further by the ancient Romans and Byzantines. Kaliakra is not just a cape. This is a historically famous fortress, which hundreds of tourists come to see every year.