Pyramidenkogel Tower in Koichach am See
Austria, Keutschach am See

The tower on Mount Pyramidenkogel is a unique, highest in the world, observation tower made of wood and steel, erected near Lake Wörthersee. It was opened after restoration in 2013. Its predecessor was built in the 60s of the last century. The height of the old tower was 54 meters, but due to its favorable location on the mountain, visitors could enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view from a height of 851 meters above sea level. A new design worth 8 million euros was developed in the architectural bureau of Marcus Klaura and Dietmar Kaden. The indisputable advantage of the design is a slide for descent 120 meters long and with a slope of 25 degrees. The slide is incredibly popular with young visitors, because the descent lasts as long as 18 seconds, which is an eternity for the slide. You can climb the Pyramidenkogel observation tower on the steps, but if you don’t have the time and energy, then high-speed elevators that can deliver to the observation platform in 24 seconds are offered to visitors. It is worth saying that the implementation of the new project did not go quite smoothly. Many expressed their dissatisfaction with the construction of the tower. Some considered it ugly, others did not like the wooden structure, some townspeople were indignant at the initial price of the building, someone considered such a building to be “megalomania”. The burgomaster Oleshko fought for the project with all his might. According to him, the new Pyramidenkogel tower is a project not only for the benefit of children, but also of grandchildren. Thus, for Gerhard Oleshka, the dream became a reality despite all the barriers. The tower was intended primarily for people and included other infrastructure. There is a restaurant located at an altitude of 70 meters with magnificent views of the lake, a souvenir shop, a playground for children and animals that can be ironed and fed. The tower is a barrier-free zone, which makes it possible to visit the tower facilities for people with disabilities. Many panoramic excursions are offered in the observation tower. Thanks to the installed telescopes, parents and children will be able to see what is happening on Lake Wörthersee. It is predicted that the tower with a height of 100 meters will become one of the most popular attractions in Austrian Carinthia. Moreover, ticket prices are quite affordable, and group visits are subject to discounts. According to preliminary forecasts, about 200 thousand visitors a year are expected. The chairman of the construction committee, Mr. Steiner, told reporters that the new Pyramidenkogel observation tower is "a symbol of the beauty, architecture and creative power of mankind."