Chikuzen Wreck
British Virgin Islands, Tortola

The Korean ship Chikusen wrecked on the Virgin Islands during Hurricane St. Martin in 1981. This ship was a transport refrigerator, which was used to transport fish to the Japanese fleets, and it was rather dilapidated by that time. Caught in the power of a hurricane, the team managed to leave the ship, and the Chikuzen set off on a free voyage. The ship sailed past Marin Kay, which alarmed the yachting and diving companies. They tried to drive away or at least take a tugboat moving in an unauthorized way, but nothing came of it. As a result, the long-suffering Chikusen headed for the northwest of Tortola, where nature took its toll. The ship sank at a depth of about 25 meters. Today this place is a real test for experienced divers. Diving even in fine weather presents many difficulties. In this area, seasonal migrations of stingrays and other large marine animals can often be observed. If you are very lucky, you can even swim with whales.

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