Sailing boat Vigilant
British Virgin Islands, Tortola

Vigilant is a treasure of the British Virgin Islands and the entire Caribbean coast. This is the oldest known wooden sailing boat that overlooked the Caribbean Sea. Researchers have not agreed on the year of its creation. Someone insists on 1880, others say that it was built a little later - in 1882. Be that as it may, Vigilant is a true celebrity on the Caribbean. Also known as the “Toa boat”, it has one distinguishing feature - the so-called “lamb leg”. For a long time, the boat belonged to Willy Penn, who then sold it to Beam Thomas, who, in turn, sold it to Easy Stutt ... It can be said that for almost 200 years of its existence, almost every Tortola resident owned the boat. In the mid-nineties, I had to admit that Vigilant as a working boat was no good. It was acquired by Randolph Mack Tavios for H. Lavity Stutt College and its Department of Marine Research.