St. Philips Church
British Virgin Islands, Tortola

The ancient church of St. Philips has an interesting history. In 1819, the Portuguese ship "Donna Paula" hit the treacherous course on the Anegada reef and crashed. More than two hundred men and crew and slaves were saved by the passing Elizabeth and Hannah and Bahia vessels. However, it was not possible to place all the slaves then, and the problem arose of moving them. In the end, it was decided to place all the slaves on the island of Tortola, which at the beginning of the 19th century was completely wild and uninhabited. All slaves from the wrecked Donna Paula received small plots of land with the condition to create a settlement and plantations on the island. Today, this place is known as the city of Kingston on Tortola. Most of the slaves adopted the ship team religion - Christianity. And after the settlement on the island, the first Christian chapel was built - the temple of St. Philips, baptized in honor of St. Phillip.