Josiah Bay Beach
British Virgin Islands, Tortola

Surfers all over the world come to the British Virgin Islands for one single place - Josiah Bay. This beach is a real adventure for those who are looking for their wave. The beach has become a true pilgrimage destination for surfers. Depending on the weather, beginners may try their luck here or rescue professionals. Josiah Bay is volatile and fickle. It changes depending on the time of year and time of day, so you can never be sure what awaits on the shore. Here are the most beautiful sunsets, but also the most insidious ebbs, so it is better not to yawn. Many people come here to visit the island of Guana and the White Bay - one of the most picturesque places on the Virgin Islands. The local underwater world is unusually rich and diverse, but you can only dive from a boat. And why not get to the coral reefs just like that - you need a local guide who knows where to drop anchor without damaging fragile corals.