Copper Mine
British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda

In 1837, a copper mine was opened in the southeast of Virgin Gorda. He worked for about forty years, until the deposit was completely exhausted. All this time, 140 workers — local residents — worked in two mines. Today, only picturesque ruins remain from the mine. On March 28, 2003, they were declared the British Virgin Islands National Park. The opening was attended by the Head of Government - Sir Ralph T. O Neal and a number of other officials in the region. At the place of descent into the mine, a stone memorial plaque was installed, which became a kind of monument to the work of local residents. During a tour of the national park, you will learn how a steam engine was driven by a steam engine to extract precious ore to the surface. Copper from the island went to South Wales, in exchange for which they brought food, timber, coal and wages for workers. At the moment, the depth of the longest mine is 73 meters below sea level.