Devil's Bay
British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda

Devil's Bay is located next to the Butts (Baths) National Park on the Virgin Islands, there are many secluded places that are not so popular and famous among tourists. You can walk here if, of course, you know where to go. An inconspicuous winding path leads you between granite boulders, which from afar seem like an insurmountable barrier. Behind them is a secluded coral sandy beach. True, before you reach the coveted surf, you have to overcome a huge cactus garden. Hummingbirds live in cacti, pigeons and hawk sparrows, nicknamed the local "kili-kili", are nesting. And only after going through the cactus garden, you finally find yourself in the Devil's Bay. It got its name because of the ideal form in which a special type of currents is created, which does not allow ships to moor. When motor boats had not yet been invented, any ship that fell into the trap of Devil's Bay could remain here forever. Some of them, or rather what is left of them, can be found among the coral reefs at the bottom of the bay.

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