Archaeological Park Yashha (Yashha)
Guatemala, Yaxha

Yashha - the ruins of the Mayan city, located on the territory of the Peten Plateau, famous for its dense, almost impassable selves, which hide not only natural wealth, but also real cultural monuments. Rare species of animals live in the jungle of Peten: crocodiles, white turtles, toucans, pelicans, monkeys. The unique combination of colors and sounds, the beauty of landscapes and the mysterious spirit of the ancient world attract both eco-tourism lovers and history lovers to Yashu. The archaeological park includes about 500 buildings (double pyramids, an acropolis, giant ceremonial platforms, a field for playing a ball and many others), arranged in a strict order. From the top of the highest temple offers stunning views of the Selva and Lake Yashha. The culture that developed in the north of Guatemala reached its heyday in the IV-X centuries. Yashha's buildings are extremely similar to other Mayan cultures located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

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