Glovers Atoll
Belize, Glovers Reef

Glovers Atoll is a marine reserve of global importance. Nearby is the island of Northwest Key, which is located Marine Reserve with beaches of white coral sand and coconut palms. Glovers Atoll was named after the pirates - brothers John and Roger Glovers in 1750. Before the arrival of the pirates, the other Indians of May lived here. Household items, earthenware were found on the atoll. In 1996, the atoll was declared a reserve. Thirty percent of the atoll included in the Reserve is the territory on which commercial or fishing activities are not permitted. This part of the atoll is patrolled by Rangers from the Belize Department of Nature Conservation. Middle Key Island has a Nature Conservation Station and a science station. In 2000, UNESCO declared Glovers Atoll a World Heritage Site. This is not only an honor for Belizeans, but also a reminder of how priceless and amazing wealth the atoll is. Glovers Atoll is the farthest atoll in Belize. Its total area is 90 sq. Miles (145 km sq.), 700 separate reef structures in the lagoon, it is surrounded by a solid reef ridge 50 miles (80.5 km) long with an external wall descending to a depth of 25 to 2,700 feet (900 meters) . The atoll is 45 miles from mainland Belize (72.45 km). On reef shoals and atoll islands, you can fish using the fly phishing method or spinning with the subsequent release of fish.