Seven sources
Greece, Kolymbia

Seven Springs, also known as Seven Springs or Epta Piges, is a small paradise, an oasis of coolness in the shade of plane trees and pines under the twittering of birds and the murmur of streams. Here are the remains of hydraulic structures from the time of Mussolini - a concrete aqueduct, small dams, a tunnel. And from the ground they beat 7 keys, which merge into one stream flowing through a dark 186-meter tunnel. According to legend, a man passing through it becomes sinless, and a woman becomes younger. Or you can be cleansed of the seven deadly sins. A stream from the tunnel flows into a large picturesque lake, peacocks are walking along its shore. At the top, a forest path leads to the tunnel exit, in the middle of which there is a mine - this is an emergency exit from the grotto. There is a restaurant near the springs, near which ducks and geese live.