Tiran Island
Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh

Tiran Island is located between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, in the northeast of the city of Sharm El Sheikh, in the Tiran Strait, which separates the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aqaba. The island covers an area of 80 sq. Km. In 1983, Tiran Island became part of the Ras Mohammed National Park. It is a marine reserve for the protection of marine and terrestrial animals. More than 1000 species of fish, 40 species of starfish, 25 species of sea urchins, more than 100 species of mollusks and 150 species of crustaceans live in local waters. There are over 220 species of coral reef along the coast around Ras Mohammed National Park. They are close to the coastline, 50-100 cm below the sea surface. In the southern part of the island there is an extensive picturesque mangrove grove. Rare enough species of waterfowl nest on Tiran Island. In 1988, a 15 km long bridge was built across the island from Egypt to Saudi Arabia. The island has a small military base with a peacekeeping mission. Very popular with tourists are the most beautiful coral reefs around the island. There are four coral reefs in the strait between Tiran Island and the Sinai Peninsula: Woodhouse, Thomas, Gordon and Jackson. They are named after the English officers. Jackson, Thomas and Woodhouse reefs are sheer walls that are lined with beautiful corals. The water here is crystal clear and ideal for underwater sports. This place is a real paradise with lagoons and coral reefs, which attracts tourists for diving and snorkeling. The beauty of the underwater world around the island of Tiran is considered one of the best in Egypt.