Botanical Garden in Rio
Brazil, Rio De Janeiro

The most beautiful part of Rio de Janeiro is lush tropical vegetation, shady alleys, fountains and small lakes. The Botanical Gardens presents a diverse flora of various climatic zones of Brazil, due to the fact that it was able to recreate the natural weather conditions for growing plants from different regions. A favorite vacation spot of karioki (residents of Rio), where you can walk and enjoy the beautiful nature. It occupies several hundred hectares, has more than 7000 species of plants from around the world.
The history of the Botanical Gardens begins in 1808, with the arrival of the Portuguese Royal Family. By order of Prince Dom Joao VI, the garden was designed so that it underwent primary acclimatization and cultivation of rare species of plants brought from West India. Later, the gardens were called the "Royal Gardens" and the "Royal Botanical Gardens". During the first few years, only close to the Royal family were allowed to know the gardens, and only in 1822 did Dom Pedro I “open the gate” for all citizens.

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