Martha Brae River
Jamaica, Falmouth

The Martha Brae River is located in the north of Jamaica, in the parish of Trelawney. The river is 32 kilometers long, it originates in the karst caves of Windsor, flows north and flows into the Caribbean Sea, east of the city of Falmouth. In the colonial period, Marta Brae served as an important transport artery connecting sugar plantations located along its channel and the port city of Falmouth. Marta Brae is a distorted English translation of the Spanish name Rio Mateberion. Local legend says that the river owes its name to the old witch Martha, who knew the location of the gold treasure hidden by the Arawak Indians in one of the caves on the river bank. The Spanish conquistadors captured the witch and tortured her for a long time, until she brought them to the treasures. With the help of witchcraft, the witch changed the riverbed, water flooded the cave and swallowed the Spaniards along with gold (they say that the treasure is still hidden in the cave). On the river, on a small horseshoe-shaped island, 3 kilometers from Falmouth, the first Spanish settlers built a small village, also called Marta Brae. Currently, the village is a tourist attraction, people come here to go rafting on the river on 9-meter bamboo rafts. The route runs down the river, its length is 4.8 kilometers, the duration is 60-90 minutes. Rafts are run by experienced guides, each raft is able to take "on board" two adult passengers and one child. While traveling along the picturesque shores of Marta Brae, tourists will see many tropical plants, hear the singing of exotic birds, from their guide they will learn many interesting things about the river and its surroundings. On-demand stops are possible during which you can swim in the river or take a walk along the shore. In addition, those who wish can visit the Martha's Herb Garden, buy souvenirs of local souvenirs, try the famous Jamaican fruit Aki (the fruit is poisonous until it opens as a result of natural ripening and is boiled in water for at least 10 minutes). Among the celebrities who visited Martha Brah - Her Royal Highness, Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II, boxer Lennox Lewis, American film actor Chuck Norris, singer Dionne Warwick, film director Spike Lee, British actress Jane Seymour and others.