Nambung National Park
Australia, Cervantes

Nambung National Park is located in the Witbelt region of Western Australia, 200 km northwest of Perth. Its territory stretches along the coastline, at the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean.
One of the main attractions of this park is the Pinnacles Desert - a desert of pointed rocks. Thousands of huge limestone pillars from one to five meters high in the middle of a sandy plain resemble the landscape from a science fiction film. Pillars, some of which have sharp tops with notches, and others with rounded arches, formed from shells in ancient times when the local sand was the seabed.
In addition to the amazing Pinnacles Desert, Nambung National Park is also known for its beautiful white beaches at Cape Kangaroo Point and Hangover Bay, as well as systems of coastal dunes and lowlands rich in flowering plants. In the northern part of the park, not far from the city of Cervantes, there is a walking route and boardwalk around Lake Tethys, where you can see stromatolites - amazing fossils created by ancient microorganisms.
Between August and October, the Nambung Park begins to bloom rapidly, creating an unforgettable sight for visitors. Here you can see representatives of the local fauna such as the western gray kangaroo and the Emu ostrich. The park is home to about 90 different species of birds, as well as snakes, lizards and many other reptiles. And during the breeding season in the ocean, you can see humpback and southern whales.