Mtirala National Park
Georgia, Adjara

Mtirala is the only protected area on the basis of which a unique model of the full interaction of sea, mountain and ecological tourism is involved.
The territory of the unique park is characterized by a variety of rare relic plants - here you can find samples of 284 species of 68 families, including 18 species of wood, 21 shrubs, 245 grasses, endemic 16 species! Of those growing here, rare relict endemicities are listed in the Red Book of Georgia: Pontic oak, Ungerni rhododendron, and epighea. Almost 100% of the Mtirala National Park is covered by forests and impenetrable shrubs. Depending on the altitudes, the forests are distributed as follows: at an altitude of 500-600 meters - mixed broadleaf Kolkh forests, at altitudes from 600 to 1000 meters - a chestnut belt, and above 1000 meters - a larch belt. There are often thick fogs, residents say that it is a mountain of the same name, crying (in Georgian, the word Mtirala means "crying").
Extremely original territory gives an evergreen, highly artisanal formation of vegetation with extremely rare species. The most spectacularly magnificent community of plants is noticeable in the dense forest belt along the Korolistskali river (at the source of its right tributary - the amazing river Namtsvavitskali).
According to preliminary studies alone, 95 species of the animal world are represented in the park, including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians. Of all species, the distribution of which in the park is beyond doubt - 9 species (Caucasian squirrel, southern nosed and European bats, huge hawk, Caucasian salamander, butterflies - Apollon and Caucasian zerintia) are listed in the Red Book.
Curious tourists here can personally see a bear, a wild boar, a falcon, an eagle, and in the river an amazing trout.
The national park has a modern center for visitors to the park, which is located in the village of Chakvistavi. There are information and exhibition areas, 4 comfortable hotel rooms, landscaped places for camping and picnics. Everyone here will receive comprehensive information about the park, get acquainted with printed and photo products, the opportunity to spend the night in a tent or in the house of hospitable local residents.
Mtirala National Park is located an hour and a half drive from the city of Batumi, about 35km.

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