Kulusuk Island
Greenland, Kulusuk

Kulusuk is an island located on the east coast of Greenland, west of the Angmassalik fjord. In the vicinity of this fjord, the main settlements of the Angmassalik Eskimos were discovered, the existence of which mankind learned only in 1884. Now about 2,000 Greenlanders live on the island, their main occupations are fishing and seal hunting. Tourists are invited for a short walk to the fishing village. In good weather, you can see kayaking races or ancient national dances with drums, the art of which has been lost in many areas of Greenland, but on this island the inhabitants carefully pass it from generation to generation. In the village of Kulusuk many ancient traditions are stored, including ancient crafts. Guests are invited to watch the process of making dishes, fishing nets, clothes.