"Sämmi Grill" in Haljala
Estonia, Laane-Virumaa

We started cooking meat on a live fire in the bar "Sämmi Grill" in Miao already in 1998, and recently opened in Haljala. When compiling the menu, we were guided by Estonian traditions of preparing meat and added our own ideas about the cuisine of the peoples of the world.<br /> <br /> When cooking meat, we do not pretend to be original, and this is not the goal in itself. We just want to offer our guests the most varied menu possible. We hope to enrich your culinary experience and invite you to discover interesting ideas in our bar that you can try at home.<br /> <br /> P.S. We will get the meat on the grill in a timely manner if you call us in advance at +372 384 6001 (Haljala) or +372 384 6000 (Miao). This way you won't have to wait long for your treat!