Royal Naval Shipyard Bermuda
Bermuda, Sandys Parish

The Royal Bermuda Naval Shipyard is located on the very edge of the island of Ireland and is a magnificent reflection of the history of Great Britain, dating back to 1809, when the island was bought for the construction of the fort. It is the main attraction of the western part of Bermuda. On its territory are located: Bermuda Maritime Museum, Bermuda Arts Center, traditional pubs, shops and craft market.
Bermuda Maritime Museum.
The museum includes many buildings in which expositions and information on navigation, whaling, exhibitions of treasures obtained from the sea day, various coins, etc. are presented. Municipal buildings are unique in their structure and design. The first building on this territory is the Commission House - the first building in the world of this size, which was created from finished cast blocks of cast iron and framed by wrought iron. Located on the highest point of the island of Ireland (Ireland), the Commission House offers absolutely amazing views of its northeastern part. In its many rooms are art galleries, exhibitions on the history of emigration of different nationalities and luxurious banquet rooms that can be rented for various celebrations.

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