Arpora Night Market
India, Arpora

The market in Arpora is one of the 10 most vibrant markets in the world. It is considered a cult place not only for tourists, but also for local residents. It is located on a wasteland inconspicuous in the daytime between the two Goan villages of Anjuna and Arpora. The market usually works only in the high season from December to March.
The market in Arpora is not just a cluster of sellers and buyers, it is a fun holiday, a rich fair, a colorful booth that starts right from the entrance gate.
In addition to the market part, there are various entertainments. Here people have fun, dance, socialize, eat, watch performances, entertain themselves with purchases. The Indians themselves also live from Wednesday to Saturday, and on market days they close their shops and cafes and come to the market at sunset.
In fact, the market is smaller than the flimarket in Anjuna, almost everything is on sale - clothes, accessories, souvenirs, various hand-made, incense, music and much more. At the same time, with a large predominance of European sellers and, as a result, higher-quality goods, including all kinds of designer goods, but also at higher prices, respectively. In the very center of the market is a stage and space for spectators. Each time there are various concerts with live music, various performances and performances. In the upper part of the market, on the edges there are two small discotheques where DJs play techno and trance music, people dance. There is karting near the market. In a word, you will not get bored.