Balneocenter Sapareva Banya in Panichishte
Bulgaria, Panichishte

10 km from Panichishte, in the lower part of the resort, there is the famous balneocenter Sapareva Banya, which houses the hottest thermal spring in Europe.
Sapareva Banya has very good conditions for the development of balneotourism. The main prerequisite for this is the healing geothermal waters, with which this region is generously endowed with nature. The water of its hot mineral springs is the richest in hydrogen sulfide from all Bulgarian sources - 15.5 mg per liter of water. It has a wide range of effects in the treatment of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral and central nervous systems, etc. The Sapareva Bani sanatorium successfully treats diseases of the upper respiratory tract, peripheral nervous system, bone system and skin. Experienced doctors - neurologists, specialists in mud and paraffin treatment, hydromassage, physiotherapy exercises and physiotherapy provide year-round medical and rehabilitation procedures. In the summer, an attractive place for residents and guests of Sapareva Bani is the outdoor mineral water pool in the sanatorium park.
In place of the old Turkish bath, a new one, completely reconstructed and updated, was built. There are male and female departments, as well as bathtubs for family use. Nearby is the city park, where there are places for recreation, cafes and restaurants.