CN Tower and EdgeWalk Lookout
Canada, Toronto

This is Canada's most famous and recognized symbol. The tallest building at the time of construction, the Canadian National Tower, NAM, for short, C. N. Tower, together with the antenna spire in height is 553.5 meters. It was built for 40 months. The idea was that the tower could receive and transmit signals, while Toronto’s numerous skyscrapers did not interfere with it. The rebuilt tower, in addition to its practical purpose, has also become a place where a lot of entertainment is offered, a tourist attraction, and most importantly - a symbol known throughout the world. The construction of the tallest building in the world required more than serious thought about safety. The complexities of the design itself were essentially known for a long time from the experience of building skyscrapers, but still this project was a step into the unknown, so all the characteristics had to be extremely reliable. Many architects were involved in the work, the tower is the result of many years of collective work. At the first stage, it consisted of discussing countless proposals, until finally they approved the final version (in the first draft, three towers were laid, connected by bridges). The history of construction is presented at a skypod photo exhibition. It is simply unbelievable: 40 522 cubic meters of concrete, 129 cubic meters of prestressed concrete and 5080 tons of steel went into business. The total weight of the structure is estimated at 132,080 tons. 1537 workers were employed at the construction site, who first had to dig a pit of 15-meter depth, that is, raise 63,000 tons of land and shale clay to the top. The K. N. Tower - an impressive and elegant design - proves that a harmonious building can be the result of thoughtful technology and careful design. In 1995, the American Society of Civil Engineers added the CN Tower to the list of seven wonders of the world of modern civilization. EdgeWalk is an observation deck on the highest tower in Toronto. Its visitors stand on the open ledge of CN Tower at 365 meters, where there are no barriers or handrails, and the only safety precaution is a safety belt with a cable.

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