Iran, Shatlyk town

Abyaneh village is one of the most peculiar villages of Iran with a picturesque view and wonderful climate, where all the houses were built on the hillside in the north of the Barzrud River with beautiful and pleasant architecture. The shape of the village houses is limas, adobe, brick and stone, dating back to the Sassanid, Seljuk, Safavid and Qajar eras, and there is not a single dead-end lane in this village. The old houses of the village are built on a hillside covered with red earth, which provides good protection from rain.<br /> <br /> In addition to the tourist and historical attractions of this village such as natural attractions, house architecture, historical and religious sites including fire temple, mosque, shrines and castles, rose oil mining, the tradition of this tourist village is of great importance to the local people and is the reason for attracting tourists to this region. The Jameh Mosque in Abyan is one of the oldest historical monuments with a very beautiful wooden and carved pulpit.