Ragunan Park in Jakarta
Indonesia, Jakarta

Ragunan - a huge old zoo 20 kilometers from the city - is a favorite vacation spot for Indonesians and tourists, with attractions, playgrounds and the opportunity to watch animals in their natural habitat. The modern zoo is located on an area of 147 hectares, it contains about two thousand species of animals, many of which are listed in the Red Book. The park, divided into several separate territories, has more than fifty thousand trees, creating a comfortable cool for visitors. The spacious enclosures are inhabited by elephants and giraffes, camels and zebras, tigers and hippos. The history of the Ragunan Zoo began in 1864, when a nursery was founded here, into which wounded and weakened animals and abandoned cubs found in the jungle were brought there. The number of pets grew, this place gradually turned into a real zoo. The main part of the collection here is represented by animal fauna of Indonesia. Adult monkeys live on a separate island with observation towers. The island is surrounded by a moat with swamped water. In different parts of the park there are three expositions of Komodo’s monitor lizards, ranging from very young to three-meter individuals. The name itself - "Komodo" - conveys the enthusiastic and respectful attitude of the Indonesians to their national symbol. Orangutans are kept in several aviaries. Through special transparent corridors you can go into caves with forest inhabitants and watch them in their natural habitat. Particular attention of visitors is attracted by a boarding cage with a group of big-eyed big-toed babies with funny crests on their heads.
On the territory of the zoo you can ride a sightseeing bus in the form of a huge tiger or ride a camel, horse and even an elephant. On weekends, locals have picnics on the lawns of the zoo.

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