Pune Pau - the place where Moai red caps are made
Easter Island, Puna Pau

Puna Pau is a gentle mountain, which is the slope of a small extinct volcano, from the breed of which caps of the famous stone idols of Easter Island were made.
Puna Pau is located on the northern outskirts of Hanga Roa in the southwestern part of the Chilean Easter Island, lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Pune Pau gives its name to one of the seven regions of Rapa Nui National Park. Pune Pau is a nice place with green hills around, trees and paths.
This place is unique for its rocks - volcanic tuff of red color. Pune Pau was the only source of this red stone on the island. Ancient masters carved pukao caps from it, which adorned the heads of some of the most revered statues of Moai stone idols, for example Tukuturi.
Red tuff from Pune Pau was also used for petroglyphs.
The proximity of Pune Pau to the city of Hanga Roa allows tourists to simply leave the hotel and walk there on their own. There you will find a number of huge red stones - ready-made pucao and unfinished goods lying on the slope. On some stones drawings are scratched, the meaning of which you have to solve yourself. But the biggest mystery still remains the question of how the ancient masters in the complete absence of any technique installed pukao caps on the heads of stone idols, the height of which reached 10 meters or more.