Temple Complex and Wat Yang Park
Thailand, Pattaya

The park is 30 km from Pattaya. Raised on the day of the coronation of the current reigning King Rama IX To this day is under the patronage of the royal family.
The park is located at the foot of Kau Chi Chan Mountain. This mountain is famous for having the largest image of a seated Buddha lined with gold plates.
A few kilometers from this mountain is the monastery of Wat Yansangwararam, briefly called Wat Yang. This is one of the largest temple complexes in Thailand, where temples of different times and styles are collected not only from Thailand, but also from China and India. On the territory of the complex is the palace of the Chinese emperor, in the halls of which are unique exhibits specially brought from China. Here you can see real terracotta warriors, and wax figures of famous monks and a wide variety of bronze figures depicting both the Buddha in different reincarnations and famous warriors. On the second floor there is an exposition devoted entirely to martial arts and the life of soldiers.
Also on the territory of the complex, on a high mountain, there is a chapel, in which there is the "Trail of Buddha". To get to it, you need to overcome a little less than 300 steps. It is believed that a person ascending these steps is cleansed of all the negative, and appears before the Trail of the Perfect completely purified.
In addition to all of the above, you can visit a stupa in which the ashes of one of the monks are stored, not far from which there is a library that only monks can visit.
An excursion to this temple can be purchased at any travel agency in Pattaya.

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