National Museum of Bhutan (Ta Dzong)
Bhutan, Paro

The National Museum of Bhutan is one of the few educational institutions that interprets the history and culture of Bhutan through its exhibitions, symposiums, publication of research findings and preservation of artifacts. It boasts a rich variety of exhibits from all over the country, representing different eras, dating back to 4000 BC. e. up to the present day.<br /><br />A visit to the galleries will allow you to see the country's transition from the Stone Age to a modern Mahayana Buddhist and multicultural kingdom with a carefully preserved cultural heritage. The museum is designed specifically for connoisseurs, students, scientists and tourists; and strives to provide every visitor with a deep and vibrant experience.<br /><br />The National Museum plays an important role as the custodian and promoter of Bhutan's cultural treasures. Preservation of culture and cultural assets is one of the nine domains of gross national happiness, the Bhutanese philosophy of national development.<br /><br />Nine domains:<br /><br />Psychological well-being<br />Ecological diversity and sustainability<br Health<br />Education<br />Culture<br />Standard of Living<br />Time Use and Balance<br />Community Resilience<br />Good Governance<br /><br />Overall National Happiness is the unifying vision of Bhutan's five-year planning process, and all major government initiatives are consistent with its principles. The Museum prides itself on being at the center of serving the welfare and development of the people of Bhutan.

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